Monday, 5 March 2012

Our Selections of our home...............

House selected: Waldorf  44

Facade:             Sterling
                                       Removed balustrade from windows
                                       deleted colonial bars from windows
                                       removed brickwork from balcony and added balustrade to balcony
                                       french doors to balcony
Slab:                  upgraded to H class waffle foundation

Energy rating:   R6.0 insulation batts to ceilings
                                        R 2.5 insulation batts and sisalation to walls

Hebel offer:       As per offer fully rendered home

Structural:        450 mm wide eaves to rest of house (upgrade)
                          projection wall in lounge room
                                      relocate lounge/ study
                                      2x 2040 x820 glass doors to study (upgrade)
Garage:            cedar timber section panel garage door (upgrade)

Windows:         All windows to house timber and stained (upgrade)

Doors:              All doors 2340mm high (upgrade)
                                      Doors to wirs to bedrooms (upgrade)
                                      Doors to theatre room/store room (upgrade)
Roofing:           Georgian cat 3 (upgrade)


Cabinets:          3246mm long x 1100 island bench (upgrade)
                                      overhead cupboards extended to ceiling height (upgrade)
                                      cabinets in galley
                                      laminex crystal gloss (no handles to be put after handover)
Stone bench tops:cesarstone snow cat 3 (upgrade)

Appliances:       standard blanco hot plates
                                       2 x 60cm under bench blanco ovens in lieu of promotion

Security Systems: reliance 12 security system


Heating & Cooling; brivis mx35i high efficiency heating unit
                                                  brivis contour l64 evap cooling
                                                  extra duct to master en suite

Stairs:                classic stair option 2 with carpet

Paint:                 3 coat paint system

Carpet:                cat 2

Tiling:                standard to all en suites 2/3/4
                                         upgrade to master en suite
                                         upgraded all living areas downstairs

                                         And heaps more!

please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.......................


  1. Thanks for the Information. Its great so far. I met you at Keilor and you told me about your blog. Are you able to assist me to find more information so it can help me with building process. Thanks John

    1. hi john, if you need any prices that we can help you out with just ask,
      we have all our variations priced so it may help you.
      Also just check out porter davis on internet ther are quite a few good blogs where people building with porter davis have good blogs thats where i found out about what prices and what to check for.
      Also theres a site called that you can register on has some great info...
      so how is it all going with ur tender with porter davis...

  2. m&t.. thanks for the info... am about to commence building a Waldorf too... but only at initial meeting stage (just did a walkthrough)... just wondering if it is possible to get the list of upgrades u did and $$ cost? I like your kitchen benchtop idea and the glass doors to the study...

  3. Hi M&A

    Thank you for the information. We are thinking to build Sandarah45. I like Sterling facad and your idea to remove balustrade from windows.
    Also I not sure about kitchen finish. Can you tell me please why you choose laminex gloss finis and how much it cost to upgrate. What other options available?

    Thank you,


  4. Hi M&A,

    This blog is inspiring!!!

    Would it be possible to get a copy of your variations and upgrades and the costs?

    You have built your own dream and we are all enjoying hearing about it!

  5. Hi M&A, reading through you whole journey is amazing and great to see from start to finish. Hope you are still enjoying the house as you are settling in.
    Quick question - What is the actual standard dark tile that you have used in all the ensuites 2/3/4? It looks really smart. I am finalising research as we have tile appt Tuesday.