Thursday, 28 January 2016

Three years on....................

Its been three years since we have moved in and we have settled in pretty well.

Its amazing  you think once you have moved in there is little to do but it doesn't seem to end.

Now that a few years have past you really get the feel of your home and how you would like it to look.
One thing that I have learned from this experience of moving into a new home is not to buy furniture before you move in!

We started with one look then completely changed but in all we are so happy with our home.

When we started looking around for a new home it was pretty overwhelming but we are so happy we went thru with PORTER DAVIS HOMES.

The build experience was great, yes we had a few issues along the way, (which were rectified as we had a good relationship with our supervisor) but you would get to with other builders.

Our experience that we have had with PORTER DAVIS in there AFTER SERVICE has been OUTSTANDING.

Yes there were a few minor issues that had to be addressed within the last couple of years, but we were dealt with professionally and  efficiently.

We have also had a great AFTER SERVICE manager that looked after our side of the city and it is a credit to him ( I guess I cannot insert names on here) but now he is in the west and will be sadly missed over this side of town. If there was ever a need again!

PORTER DAVIS have gone above and beyond what we ever expected from a builder and would highly recommend. (Two other family members have since built with Porter Davis) And if we had to do it all over again would not hesitate

I don't think There's a need to  update this blog any further as there are so many new homes that are being built that should be exciting to watch.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and HAPPY BUILDING.


Thursday, 4 September 2014

In need of some tiles.

Just wondering if for those that read this blog, we needed to replace some bathroom tiles (5) tiles needed as they are now no longer available from national tiles.

The tiles needed are Kimberly smoke 333x333.

Our house was built in late 2012, so hopefully someone that has built in the same time might have a few spare tiles.

As I cannot log into the home one forum  something to do with password.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. (Porter Davis are trying there best to locate these tiles)
Just thought I might try on here. Thankyou.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

its been over twelve months.........................

Well its been a while since last update and we have now been in our home over twelve months.

We have had a lot of compliments and quite a few people stopping and asking about the house, who the builder was, colours, and garden, but I was the same when we were building, so its good to help others out.

We are so proud to say Porter Davis were excellent to build with, and their after service was just more than we could ever expect, and have no hesitation on spreading the word.

Here are a couple of pics of the house now.

As you can see our home has bought us a lot of joy and the Waldorf has gone beyond our expectations of a lovely family home.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Six months on...................

Well its been just over six months since we moved in and the time has gone really quick, we waited what seemed a long time to move in and to have all our ideas come to reallity.

I must say PORTER DAVIS have been outstanding with there after service and have gone well beyond what we ever expected.They have been fantastic. i really would recomend them to anyone. The quality is just great.

The house that  we saw as a display home is even a better  home to live in, it might seem big but its still a warm and welcoming home.

Well here are a few pics on how the house is looking after six months and now its nice to sit back and enjoy all the hard bloody work!

The house from the outside now the lawns have established. Its simple but easy maintance.

A view from the inside looking out to the back.
Looking from the rear of the yard

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Our first month in our home............

How fast a month goes by. Its been pretty full on with moving in, trying to settle in, waiting for tradies to come back to finish off things that we supposed to be done before handover.

One thing that i suggest to anyone building is don't except handover till everything is done the way it was supposed to be at handover. We still have a couple of things that need doing like the doors we paid $1000.00 for  are still on the terrance floor awaiting to be hung and stained,  painters to come back to fix up the glass doors in study, also we are missing little things like sink plugs in laundry,galley and spa, and also have noticed now that our large windows in the family room and our french doors have alot of scratchs on them, cause on day of handover it was overcast and with the exicitment of what was going on missed. We have tired calling our s/s but seems now has moved on and also rang the area manager but i guess he is busy also. But i will ring everyday if i have too, its a shame cause PORTER DAVIS  have otherwise built us a great home, but we are entitled too what we have paid for.

You do really forget everything you go through building the home that you could not wait to move into, and all the worrying over the littlest things, (like getting phone calls from our s/s! now seem so trival) and everything else that goes with building.

But the joy in sitting back and looking at it all is fantastic! ( my partner calls me the colourbond man!)

We are also still waiting for the items that we ordered while we were building like the shed, shutters,drapes(awaiting fabric)lightfittings(out of stock even thou they were on lay by), but hey it gives you something to look forward too.
                                        Our doors still on terrance floor needing to be installed.

                                          Glass got changed over on doors now needing painter to return.

                                         Not easy to see but windows scratched in nearly all of family room.

will update some pics when things are looking complete.................

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Moving from .................

Moving from inner city living to a new home can be really overwheling, trying to adust to a new home and making it a home which is comfortable and still cosy, even thou the house is three times as big.

It took us nearly a year to build this home and how much contiplating what sort of look we wanted, chosing the home was the easiest part, going around looking at displays and imagening what it would be like to own a home that we have ever dreamed of. Now the real work begins and how many hidden extras that arise that you dont hink of, like retaining walls,trenchs dug for NBA, and alot of other things that you dont know about.

Once the house was on its way, we started looking around for furniture and now we are glad we did, cause we had the time to go around and look and what bargins we could pick up.And for pieces of furniture that would suit with what we already had.

I guess sales and laybys come in real handy! Our best friend became Ebay and from there we found outlets that we could pick furniture and other things we needed for the house. It does pay to look around and just speaking to people and even on forums that we read how you can save money. asking for a discount also helps when you are buying a few things from the same store.

French and english, maison living, both in richmond became our good friends! also schouts in clifton hill and of course ebay were also pretty good to us with there sales, im not one for paying full price for anything!

I hope this blog may help someone who is bulding with some ideas....................

Monday, 5 November 2012

The dust is starting to settle............

Well after a few hard days of labour we have nearly completed our front, we did all the work ourselfs with a bit of patience and yes a bit of sweat!

We have kept it simple and cost efficent and easy to maintain, we do love mowing the lawn, and with going to work and everything else that takes up our time we just wanted it to at least clean, we can always add more later.

Side gate is needing to be completed, waited for the man to come yesterday but he didnt show,so will give him a call today and when our out door lighting arrives will install them all at once. but for now least the dust has settled a little.

hope this may help someone with some ideas.