Sunday, 18 November 2012

Our first month in our home............

How fast a month goes by. Its been pretty full on with moving in, trying to settle in, waiting for tradies to come back to finish off things that we supposed to be done before handover.

One thing that i suggest to anyone building is don't except handover till everything is done the way it was supposed to be at handover. We still have a couple of things that need doing like the doors we paid $1000.00 for  are still on the terrance floor awaiting to be hung and stained,  painters to come back to fix up the glass doors in study, also we are missing little things like sink plugs in laundry,galley and spa, and also have noticed now that our large windows in the family room and our french doors have alot of scratchs on them, cause on day of handover it was overcast and with the exicitment of what was going on missed. We have tired calling our s/s but seems now has moved on and also rang the area manager but i guess he is busy also. But i will ring everyday if i have too, its a shame cause PORTER DAVIS  have otherwise built us a great home, but we are entitled too what we have paid for.

You do really forget everything you go through building the home that you could not wait to move into, and all the worrying over the littlest things, (like getting phone calls from our s/s! now seem so trival) and everything else that goes with building.

But the joy in sitting back and looking at it all is fantastic! ( my partner calls me the colourbond man!)

We are also still waiting for the items that we ordered while we were building like the shed, shutters,drapes(awaiting fabric)lightfittings(out of stock even thou they were on lay by), but hey it gives you something to look forward too.
                                        Our doors still on terrance floor needing to be installed.

                                          Glass got changed over on doors now needing painter to return.

                                         Not easy to see but windows scratched in nearly all of family room.

will update some pics when things are looking complete.................


  1. It's such a shame that so many PD customers seem to go through this at the end of their builds, I guess they bank on the probability that their customers will be so excited to have handover that they will believe what they are told about having post handover issues handled within a reasonable amount of time. What PD don't seem to understand (or care about) is that it is their reputation that suffers in the long run, it really is an easy fix for them and the benefits would greatly outweigh the efforts it would take for them. The impression is that as soon as they have your money they really couldn't care less about what they leave unfinished... Hopefully that's not the case, but if anyone from PD does read these blogs hopefully they can assess this continual problem that so many customers of theirs have and put some procedures in place to rectify these situations occurring time abd time again. After all it is us, their customers who give them the most important thing that enables their business to flourish; (and im not talking about money) their reputation!!!
    Good luck with getting your outstanding items fixed up, I'll look forward to seeing some pics soon. :-)

  2. its looking great so far .. hope PD fixes everything for you soon.