Monday, 5 November 2012

The dust is starting to settle............

Well after a few hard days of labour we have nearly completed our front, we did all the work ourselfs with a bit of patience and yes a bit of sweat!

We have kept it simple and cost efficent and easy to maintain, we do love mowing the lawn, and with going to work and everything else that takes up our time we just wanted it to at least clean, we can always add more later.

Side gate is needing to be completed, waited for the man to come yesterday but he didnt show,so will give him a call today and when our out door lighting arrives will install them all at once. but for now least the dust has settled a little.

hope this may help someone with some ideas.


  1. I think you have done an amazing job...and so quickly, well done!!

  2. Your house looks beautiful! the driveway came up well. May I ask who you used?

  3. looks wonderful...hope you are enjoying your new home...been following your build for some time now..