Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Moving from .................

Moving from inner city living to a new home can be really overwheling, trying to adust to a new home and making it a home which is comfortable and still cosy, even thou the house is three times as big.

It took us nearly a year to build this home and how much contiplating what sort of look we wanted, chosing the home was the easiest part, going around looking at displays and imagening what it would be like to own a home that we have ever dreamed of. Now the real work begins and how many hidden extras that arise that you dont hink of, like retaining walls,trenchs dug for NBA, and alot of other things that you dont know about.

Once the house was on its way, we started looking around for furniture and now we are glad we did, cause we had the time to go around and look and what bargins we could pick up.And for pieces of furniture that would suit with what we already had.

I guess sales and laybys come in real handy! Our best friend became Ebay and from there we found outlets that we could pick furniture and other things we needed for the house. It does pay to look around and just speaking to people and even on forums that we read how you can save money. asking for a discount also helps when you are buying a few things from the same store.

French and english, maison living, both in richmond became our good friends! also schouts in clifton hill and of course ebay were also pretty good to us with there sales, im not one for paying full price for anything!

I hope this blog may help someone who is bulding with some ideas....................


  1. Your photos are beautiful, thanks for all the work you've put onto your blog, it has been a joy to follow your build and the finished product is stunning Congratulations
    Dee :-)

  2. Your house is looking more like a home:) Love the styling! Noting down these furniture stores....:)

  3. love it all. well done.

    It's a joy living in such a wonderful house.