Thursday, 1 November 2012

kitchen is nearly complete...

Well finally the splashback arrived after two attempts, and all is going good in the house, just alot of work trying to get things done before heading back to work.

Also waiting around for tradies to come around to finish things off is not alot of fun, you waste so much time just waiting for them to show up, what  i can suggest to anyone is not to handover until everything is complete if you can wait, its been nearly two weeks and still waiting to get things complete.

Anyway this is a quick update, i try and post more as things are getting done.

 here are a few pics of our unfinished kitchen!


  1. Oh wow, it looks amazing :-)

  2. looking good. is that a mirror splashback?

  3. Like Ur splash back if u don't mind can u tell me the colours u choose for it

  4. splash back looks AMAZING!! Well done.. love your kitchen