Saturday, 15 June 2013

Six months on...................

Well its been just over six months since we moved in and the time has gone really quick, we waited what seemed a long time to move in and to have all our ideas come to reallity.

I must say PORTER DAVIS have been outstanding with there after service and have gone well beyond what we ever expected.They have been fantastic. i really would recomend them to anyone. The quality is just great.

The house that  we saw as a display home is even a better  home to live in, it might seem big but its still a warm and welcoming home.

Well here are a few pics on how the house is looking after six months and now its nice to sit back and enjoy all the hard bloody work!

The house from the outside now the lawns have established. Its simple but easy maintance.

A view from the inside looking out to the back.
Looking from the rear of the yard


  1. It's looking amazing, well done :-) We've just moved in and seeing what you've achieved in 6 months is inspiring.

  2. I should ask though, in what way have PD been amazing? We have all this ahead of us... Were there many issues you needed to contact them about? Great to hear that you're happy with their after sakes service though!

  3. I love your blog! We are planning on building a porter davis-the Sandarah! Can you please report back on the overall quality of the build? Also, would love to see more pictures now that you've filled it with your own furniture etc.

  4. thanks for your nice comments.
    the overall quality of our home is just one word. Great.

    I know you hear so many negative comments on people's build but i must say, yes we had a few issues while building but we had a great site supervisor which was really helpful and understanding, i think thats what makes or breaks the building process.

    But i will say porter davis's after service has just been fantastic.

  5. What Hebel render colour did you use? It looks amazing... my wife is hooked.

  6. Like you said on my blog... maybe it is time that you updated some photos. I am sure that your house and surrounds will be looking amazing!

  7. Brenton I did it, sorry I didn't put interior pics in as for security reasons.

  8. I love your house, what is the hebel render colour you chose ?