Wednesday, 26 March 2014

its been over twelve months.........................

Well its been a while since last update and we have now been in our home over twelve months.

We have had a lot of compliments and quite a few people stopping and asking about the house, who the builder was, colours, and garden, but I was the same when we were building, so its good to help others out.

We are so proud to say Porter Davis were excellent to build with, and their after service was just more than we could ever expect, and have no hesitation on spreading the word.

Here are a couple of pics of the house now.

As you can see our home has bought us a lot of joy and the Waldorf has gone beyond our expectations of a lovely family home.


  1. Hey M&A

    Did you need to get council approval to build the pergola and walls around the perimeter?

  2. Hi, I absolutely love your styling.
    I am in the process of building in Craigieburn, Mt Aitken and I love the colour of your garage door. Could you please tell me the brand and colour. thank you in advance. Angie

  3. sorry i forgot to ask as well, what colour stain you used for your front door,windows and doors at the back.

  4. Great blog guys!

    Noticed you opted for baton lights but in the more recent pictures you appear to have Downlights/LED's. Can you share the process to get these changed over and approx cost? Currently weighing up paying PD to install the LEDs or do post handover if there is enough of a saving.

    Thanks :)