Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The kitchen has arrived.............

Well with much anticapation the kicthen has arrived. It was the most exciting time so far of the whole build.

After so many sleepness nights hoping that our colour selection was right, its been a long six months since our colour selection and seeing it in real made us think we have made the right choices.

                                                    The laundry with bench and hanging rail with shelf above (rail missing )

                                                    The galley cupboards.

                                                   The galley cupboards with sink.

                                                   The view of galley from kitchen thru to laundry.

                                          The kitchen being installed in white crystal gloss.

                                               The extended island bench in wenge laminate.
                                         The kitchen island bench.(ceasar stone still to be installed.

                                         View from family room.

we were allowed in as now we are locked out of the house it was just by chance we had the day off and went for a drive to see what was happening at the house, so we took the opportunity to take some pics.................


  1. Hi
    Like to see your waldorf getting started and going ahead.we are building Waldorf 44 to and like the Benchtop idea Its been 4 weeks and not heard from Hebburn.
    If u dont mind can i know the upgrade price on bench top


    1. hi there, well we hope all goes well for you with all your selections.

      Prices for upgrade to cat 3 stone benchtops are:
      Kitchen bench top:$1731.00
      Galley bench top:$826.00
      Ensuite bench top:$369.00
      Powder room bench top:$166.00

      Hope this helps you out and you dont need to wait for a responce from Hopetoun.