Thursday, 5 July 2012

It is really starting to look like a house now...............

This week so much has progressed into the build. Our s/s needs to be commened for all his efforts.

We seen plaster nearly complete, scaffolding has now come down, eaves painted, windows on upper floor stained, and rendering has begun on upper floor. as you can see the colour has turned out the way we choose  (and many sleepless nights) after so many months after our colour selection you seem to doubt urself in your choices.

Stairs were installed today and look great now cant wait for them to be stained also.

Kitchen to be installed tomorrow so that is something to look forward too and hopefully our choices will become a reality! (lets hope)

Here are a few pics...........

                                         The front of our house which is our version of the sterling

                                         The colour didn't come out to good in pics

                                         The house side view

                                          The stairs option 2 carpet yet to be installed

                                         Front view of staircase

                                         Loooking down from upstairs and looking into upstairs living room

                                         Family room

                                         Family room

                                         Dinning room

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