Sunday, 24 June 2012

great progress......................

Well its been a busy week at the house.

Our inspectors report came back on monday and we gave it over to our s/s, which he got the few things that needed doing done on the inside of the house, the outside stuff can wait to be fixed. Which is a credit to him.

This week saw all the roughing in of the heating/cooling,all walls have have been straightened for plaster, insulation has been installed in all the outer walls which have made such a difference,electrical all done just waiting on a couple of noggings that are missing, hebal complete and rendering has begun.looks awesome they have done a great job, but as yet not at lock up,  which i dont think that will be far away because they (pd) will be waiting upon their payment.

Plaster is meant to start tommorow so will just wait and see but hey i must say our s/s has been just great even with all updates on whats happening with the build, hav'nt heard from anyone at the office in quite a few weeks, (b/c) was on holidays for a couple of weeks but least our s/s has keeped us up to date, we are quite happy with that.

Here are a few pictures of whats happening................ until next time.

                                          The family room.

                                         The rendered front of the house.

                                         Side view.

                                         Side view.

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