Sunday, 3 June 2012

slow progress.................

Well not alot has happened in 2 weeks, the week before last saw the hebel starting to go up which we got real exicited about.

In the last week week nothing has happened!

We had not heard  from our new b/c so i politely called on wednesday to ask what was happening with our variations,was told she was busy and would call me back, but got to the point of being sick of waiting for a reply, so i asked to speak to a manager, which he did call me back and got things rolling
What a shame it took that to get somewhere......

We organized a building inspection with Newhome inspections because there we a few things we were not happy with and thought it would be better to get our own inspector which would give us a piece of mind. He found a few things that needed attending too. So it was worth every dollar.

We had a meeting with our s/s on friday and the poor guy must of thought whats going on!
but after the wednesday session with the office it was just in total fustration that there was no communication between b/c and us.So we let out all our fustrations on our s/s!
But reassured us that he will look after everything.

Anyway our s/s has told us that in the next two weeks we should be at pre plaster and the house will be at lock-up and everything that goes with it.......

Here a few pics of the hebal panelling......................... hopfully our next post will be a positive one!

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