Sunday, 20 May 2012

its been a slow week.............

Well not alot happened this week as you can see in pics, was hoping for more to happen as the wheather has been good.

Spoke to our s/s on monday and he confirmed that we did not need the sarking under roof tiles as was told the pitch of roof did not need sarking.

Also spoke to our b/cord as we have a issue with our laundry cupboards not matching up with what we asked for at our pre drawings, and now we can't have what we originally wanted so was told she would get back to us by friday past but have not heard anything so will have to chase that one up on monday........ or maybe i should wait for the weekly update phone call that dosn't really come!

This week the plumbing got done on monday and the land around the house all cleaned and crushed rock being laid due to the amount of mud.
Rear glass fitted into family room window.
Bricks delievered to start hebel but no hebal delivered so hopefully we will see some progress this week as the other houses being built by porter davis in our area are progressing alot faster than ours!

Lets hope with the fine wheather that is forecast for this week there will be alot more progress for us to report on next week..................till then.

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