Saturday, 5 May 2012

The frame is going up..................

Well its taken three weeks to get this far with the frame.

The wheather has not been to kind for us. its meant to be finished by the 2nd of may but as u can see its going slow...........and check out the pool of water we have in the kicthen and theres mud everywhere but hopefully it will get cleaned up once the roof is on.

Windows have been there for a coulpe of weeks also, so hopefully there not getting damaged with the rain. Spoke to carpenter and said they should be in on tuesday.

                                         view from front of house

                                          view from side of house

                                         windows on garage floor

                                         pool of water in kicthen

                                         view from kitchen into rear of house


                                         upstairs looking into main bedroom

Will update again soon...................lets hope the rain eases.

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  1. hey, great to see the frame is up. We are also just completed our frame stage :) its nice to see people in similar stages.