Sunday, 13 May 2012

Frame complete, roof has gone on..........................

Seen alot happen this week, framing complete considering the wheather has not been to good.

Windows have been installed, and roof tiles have been laid, with alittle disappointment that the roof has not been sharked. will ring our s/s tomorrow and ask why it hasnt been done. Hopefully he can do something about it and rectify the issue.

The timber windows look great and are very happy with what we chose. It seems such a long time ago since we chose all our fittings that you begin to doubt  what was choosen until you see them installed.

Roof tiles also look good after we were told that our orginal choice was unavaiable and had to choose another roof tile color.

Here are a few photos.........
                                         The view from front of house.

                                         The view from side of house.

                                         The bedroom terrace and alfresco.

                                         The view of living room, theater room from back of house.

                                         The view of side of house.
                                         Roof with sarking.
                                         The kitcthen looking into living room.

                                         The lounge room moved to front of house with study behind.

                                         View from front of house thru to living room.

                                         View from kitchen to front door.

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  1. I like how you moved the lounge and study around.