Monday, 24 September 2012

The end is in site..................

Well its getting pretty exciting now seeing  the house coming together, it's seems so long since we had our colour selections that you actualy forget what we have chosen until you see it and think, we didn't do too bad.

Had a phone call last week from porter davis telling us that our s/s is moving on to another area, and he would no longer be looking after our property. we were pretty disappionted that after having a great s/s and with only 2 weeks to go it would be a shame that now someone else would take over and we would have to go thru everything again and hold everything up. But the manager we spoke with was really understanding and agreed that our s/s wanted to finish our home which we were rapted with.

this week the garage door was installed, all the staining of the windows,doors,stairs are being completed,carpet is being installed and painting is being completed also the plumbing fit off/storm water was also completed.(also got our final invoice).

Hopefully the next update will be about our PCI and our move in date.

Here a few pics.......

                                                   The staircase now stained.

                                                   The kitchen.

                                                   Thru to galley and laundry.

                                                   Famil room.

                                                   Looking thru to entrance.

                                                   Shower in main ensuite.

                                                   Other ensuite.

                                                   THE CAGE! on balcony.

                                                   Garage door being installed.


  1. The staircase looks brilliant. I bet you can’t wait for the day that you move into this magnificent house. Have you guys thought about landscaping? What are your plans? (Landscaping is all I think about at the moments :-))

  2. I just wanted to say that your house is looking fantastic, our Waldorf starts in a few weeks and it looks as though your colour selections are very similar to ours. It was great to see how it's all coming together. Congratulations.

  3. Actually do you have our colour selections outlined anywhere, I'd love to see how closely we have chosen compared to yours... Thanks :-)

    1. hi D D, as promised,

      Our colours are:

      Walls and trims chalkdust.
      stain black stain gloss.indoor and outdoor.
      Carpet balsalt.
      floor tiles polised ivory.
      outside render. Mudpack on walls and mouldings.
      as you can see we kept all pretty simple.

  4. Thanks for that...I love your colours, ours are quite similar. We even chose mudpack as our render colour too!! I dont think you can go wrong if you keep it simple.
    Congrats - it's looking fantastic!!

  5. I know you're only a fortnight or so ahead of us, but I am living vacriously through you being so so close! Can't wait for the next update!

  6. Looking fantastic! I love your stain colour. Really suits the house and your style. So close now!