Sunday, 9 September 2012

A quick update.........

Things seem to be dragging out a little. The tiling has finally begun after waiting for the last two weeks for the tiler to start. He was not impressed with the levels of the ground floor so until it was rectifed he did not want to lay the tiles, so i commend him for his workmanship.

Our s/s has been fixing things that needed to be replaced that we were not satisfied with and has been busy doing other things that cannot be done inside as the flooring has slowed things down.

We meet up with our s/s last friday week and said he was looking at handover to be around the 6th of october, but i am now starting to doubt it. It is quite a shame as everything was going well until the tiling! But i guess a job well done is worth the wait.

Hopefully the next update will be more are a few pics..............


                                          Main ensuite.

                                         One of bathrooms with standard tiles.(which came up really nice.)

                                         The terrace outside main bedroom.


  1. The shower is looking great. Makes me wish that we had said yes to the cavity in the shower upgrade.

  2. thankyou. we are kind of sorry also that we didnt do them in the other showers also. how silly of us for $145 it was worth the money.. you should ask if you can get them put in. No harm in asking your b/c or s/s..