Saturday, 25 August 2012

There is 6 weeks to go........HOPEFULLY

 Another week  of progress, all seems to be going good went for a drive today to check out what has been done. Lucky the tiler was there and let us enter the house with him.

The front iron work has been installed on the balcony, the staining of the the front windows has commmenced, all the shelving in pantry,linen press,store room,and walk-ins have been installed, and for some reason they have installed a ugly looking self in the galley, so will have to get that sorted out.The tiles have been delivered. so hopefully they will be laid this week.

As we were outside noticed alot of water on footpath and then noticed that someone had taken our water meter! god knows what someone would do with a water meter?

lets hope all goes well in the next coming weeks and hopefully be complete on the sceduled date.

Here are a few pics...........

                                                   Front of house.......Our version of the sterling facade.

                                                  As you can see we removed brick wall from side of balcony. Also removed iron work from windows.

                                         Also changed the windows.

                                         The french doors stained.

                                         The side of  house with windows stained and rendering not compelete.

                                         The store room shelving.

 please  Leave a comment if you wish............................................


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  2. Hi m&t
    We just had our tender and tiling selection done.Just wanted to know how much they charged you for the window in family or living as we got the same window in our dinning and in display home we were told its $285 and when did the tender went up to $2100 which was big shock to us.

    1. omg i so sorry i didnt see this comment..
      we were charged only $285 pls dont let them charge you that $2100. get onto it but i will check for you again and get back to you asp. im sorry once again i didnt notice ur message for some reason. we are here to help out each other.

    2. hi just got out papper work and the cost was $335.00. so ring them and tell them try and much as possible.

  3. Wow. The house is looking amazing! You must be thrilled, and so excited to just get in there now!!