Sunday, 5 August 2012

a little progress is better than none at all.............

This moring i meet with our s/s and we went over a few issues that needed to be attended to.

A couple of our french doors have been forced open and damaged so now they will need replacing, and we had to double check to fridge opening, it seems to be a ongoing issue too, but s/s said he will fix it to our fridge size.

Seems as though the fixing is complete and they have started painting which will put my mind at ease as waiting to see what the colour will look like. (chaulkdust).

We as yet have not paid our fixing invoice as we are still awaiting for cabinets to arrive, ( i think someone in office has over looked this issue and it has been a isssue since the tender meeting)!  Our s/s is still chasing these cabinets up, as it states in our HIA contract that any invoice that is issued, the work  has to be complete  and no monies are exchanged until it is, which we followed up with the Pd office and they agreed with us.

Our s/s said now things should happen pretty fast and is expecting handover in late september. Lets wait and see............

This week i have started to get quotes on driveway, blinds, splasback for kitchen, and fencing now is where all the expence come in i guess. we will be the landscaping to save on costs. And we do enjoy doing it even with all that goes with it!

There is no point putting up any pics cause there is nothing major  that has happened. But will keep you posted when something does look a little different.

Until next time........................


  1. I'm so glad i found your blog. My husband and I are also building the Waldorf and we are at frame stage. :)

    1. Your welcome and thankyou.hope ur build is coming along all good also. its a great house.....