Sunday, 19 August 2012

We have lights..........

It was only like yesterday we went for our electrical selection and now they have come to life.

This week all the fittings  of the electricals and argus  have been done.And all the jobs that need to be rectified completed. they have also started work on the outside of the house.

Our s/s has been fantastic keeping us informed when the electrcians and argus will be on site.

What a great feeling to see it all come to together, you forget all about that horrible feelings that you get that you have not done the electrical selection  properly. I guess when we move in we will find out what we have forgotten to do.

Its been a real busy week trying to getting things sorted out for the house (booking in fencing,driveway,blinds) and picking up lay-bys that seem to be everywhere we found a sale!. I must say nearly everything we have bought for the house has been on sale or was a bargin to good to resist.

Went for a drive to check out house yesterday and was lucky to be able to be allowed inside as there were tradies there, so got to get a few pics.

Here are a few pics...........

                                                   Laundry cabinets with bulk head now in place.


                                        The oustide is being completed.

                                                   The balcony as we removed the side brick panel.

                                         The garage rendered.


  1. Hi there,
    the house looks amazing! Are you able to take a pic of the entire facade? We are in the tender stage to build PD Sandarah and will be choosing the Sterling, hebel and in a pretty similar colour- is your sandstone? It is great to see how great yours is looking! :-)


    1. hi kim iv just posted a full pic of the house on blog. hopefullu this will help you.

  2. Hi there, did you get PD to install your light fitting over the stair opening? It looks like it is is right in the middle of the opening. They have mentioned to me that they would only put it where it is within reaching distance form the landing.

    Just wondering how you got around this?

    Love your blog, can't wait to see more.