Saturday, 11 August 2012

The painting is nealry complete...............

This week was a exciting week on the house front, when i went up on tuesday the painters started the painting and what a huge difference it has made to the whole look of the house.

After months of contilpalting if we had choosen the right colour it was a relief that it came up looking good. The painters have seem to have done a great job but i guess once its all complete will have to check it all out. I remember reading trst1a's  blog and have taken down notes on what to check for ie. painting on top of doors etc. (its a real credit to this man and he's blog with all the information i have learnt and how  important it is me now).

Well all the fixing is now complete so we will handover the invoice payment.

 We have been told by our s/s that all the fitting off will start to take place and tiles will be getting thats what i am really looking forward to to see what we choose in that rush of the appiontment with national tiles that was one of the worst experinces that i recall to date.

This week i have picked up light fittings so when the electrican is there he might be able to install the light fitting above the staircase as its so high and as they have put the wiring in the centre of the stairs god knows how they will get up there! also started looking for a intercom so hopefully they can also fit it of for us.(at a cost)

We have been told that handover should be on the 5th of october so theres heaps to do now between now and then, like start packing the house, it seems time has gone so fast thinking we have heaps of time.

Also been busy getting quotes for the driveway,fencing,window coverings, but found a great site on goggle Seeking .au as these tradesmen really want the work and actually call you to when you free to meet and they show up! have had some really good quotes and you wish you could give everyone of them the job.

Our s/s has been fantastic with all the comunication with us on the progress the house and he even seemed exicited which was really nice.........a really nice guy.

And to finish off for this week i have to say our b/c has been calling every friday afternoon with a update of our build, i actually start laughing cause i cant believe the turn around from a couple of months ago! (not hearing from anyone at porter davis) but hey give credit to where its due...........

Here are a few pics i could take while the painters where there and i could ask if i could come inside.
                                         The kitchen

                                         The back of kitchen

                                           The laundry cupboards have finally arrived (nightmare)

                                         The view from kitchen into family room

                                         The lounge room with the windows getting stained.


  1. Glad that my blog is useful

  2. What colour are your tiles in the shower? I love those.

  3. hi there.

    The master bathroom is venezia travetine rectified.(upgrade)
    The other bathrooms are standard kimberly smoke.

    Hope this helps you..