Monday, 27 February 2012

So today is the big day.....our final drawing signing

Well after so much running around looking at Porter Davis homes (never want to see another display home again) today is the day it hopefully all comes together.

After reading so many blogs and getting info, we are looking forward to signing everything off to start building our home, that we have created!

 I guess now the fun (or lets hope so) begins ..........................

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Congrats on building the Waldorf, I'm sure it will be a great HOME.
    In general where are you building so therefore what office is managing your build?

    Rob (MEWS)

    1. hi and thanks for ur wishes.
      we are in the nth west and our pd office is in the nth.
      iv also followed ur blog and the house looks great.

  2. Hi M&A,

    Would you be kind enough to email me your final floor plans and elevation drawings. You have some brilliant ideas that I would like to "borrow" (if possible).