Sunday, 26 February 2012

the story so far................

Our journey began in November 2011, after looking at heaps of display homes we decided on the Porter Davis Waldorf. It met all of our needs, as we love entertaining and having family and friends over. We thought this is the home we've always wanted.

Our initial meeting with the Sales Manager was one to remember!

Anyone would think we were buying a used car. We actually walked away from the meeting thinking that we would prefer to go to another builder.

After a week we received a call from the PD Sales office we attended and got an apology for the way we were treated. We were asked to come back and discuss what we were after in purchasing our new home.

To cut a long story short our Sales Consultant was fantastic and offered us the deal we were after.

So we decided to go ahead and sign up and gave our initial $1000.00 deposit.

We were offered a March start. So in the month of January we had to get all our selections organised. I will post all of our selections in a future update.

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