Sunday, 26 February 2012

welcome to our journey!

Welcome to our journey, building our dream home.
We have learnt alot over these past few months, after we had decided on building the Porter Davis Waldorf 44.
We have found the design of the Waldorf 44 meeting everything we always wanted in a home.
After reading so many blogs, I must say they have helped us so much.
Now we would love to help out others on their journey of building their dream home!

Initial deposit: 13th nov 2011
land settled: 28th dec 2011
tender: 5th jan 2012
tile selection 18th jan 2012
colour selection 19th jan 2012
electrics selection 19th jan 2012
contract signing 24th jan 2012
signing of final drawings28th feb 2012
construction to commence 5th march 2012

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