Wednesday, 10 October 2012

7 days to HANDOVER..............

We got a call from our s/s yesterday informing us what he has planned for the week and handover will be next thursday.

I really think PD should really be grateful for some of the people they have working for them, we cannot say enough of good  things about our S/S, keeping us informed and trying he's best i guess, but on the other hand some of the office staff i wounder what they are there for!, We havnt heard from our b/c for weeks and thankgod there was another lady in the office that does the same work, she has done everything straight away for us in the past couple of days. i guess you have to be lucky whom you get allocated as your B/C.

With a few phone calls got the gas pipe and meter organized for insullation, (Reckon i should get a job a PD).Pipe was installed the day before last and meter is going in today.

The last couple of days have been so fustrating not knowing when it will take place, you are sort of in limbo,do you take time off from work cause it could change again?,orgainize removalists? theres alot to plan i guess.

I think when you are nearly at the end of your build you either cant wait or you just get over it all.

Anyway today i will organize the window coverings, the driveway man, fences are done, ring and get electrcity and gas ready for connection for after handover.

I guess this week it will be a time to relax,enjoy and look forward to whats ahead of us.......And im going to try and keep away from the house till then so it will be more exiciting........yeah lets see...............


  1. So exciting to see your house come together. My husband and I are also building the waldorf. Here is our blog:

  2. hi there, your house looks lovely so far, you have made alot of changes to the orginal plan, be great to see how it all looks at the end.hope ur enjoed the blog and has helped you a little.

  3. We enjoy reading your blog, gives us a forecast of what we should be expecting :)
    Looking forward to seeing how you decorate your house.

  4. I'm a bit late to this post, but that is so EXCITING! Only a couple of days to go now!