Saturday, 6 October 2012

On the home strecth......

It is all falling into place, this week the peices that were missing have all been getting completed.

Everything that was included in the promo at the time of  signing was installed, You seem to forget what was included and what wasn't, ie. taps, fly screen, mouldings. I think we were pretty lucky with the promo that was being offered at the time.

And to think just 6 months ago it all started from this colour selection we made up.(now it will go on the wall in the garage just as a reminder!)

Tomorrow is our P.C.I and its all pretty exciting, lets just hope theres not to many things wrong.

I guess this is nearing the end of my blog, i'll let you know how the P.C.I  went and when handover will take place.



Here are a few pics we were lucky to get while the cabinet maker was there.......


  1. Congratulations and good luck for tomorrow!! How very exciting for you.
    It all looks fantastic, you must be very excited to be nearing the end, I bet you just can't wait to move in and enjoy it now :)
    Surely it's not the end of the blog just yet - there's driveways, window dressings, landscaping and of course all that furniture to shop for!!
    Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into your blog, it's been inspiring to read, were just beginning our build and if looks as great as yours does at the end ill be very happy
    D :-)

  2. Your house looks amazing, once you live in the waldorf your live will change. Such a big and well planned house.

    Good idea with the cabinets in the laundry.