Sunday, 7 October 2012

The awaited P.C.I DAY.......................

This morning we meet up with our s/s and had our PCI, it went for about 31/2 hours but we got thru it all. there was'nt to much that needed to be done, more paint touch ups, cleaning of house and a few other things that our s/s said he was not happy with. (we didnt even notice so thats what i call a good s/s.)

We have a problem that is going to delay our handover, its the GAS SUPPLY to house, s/s has been trying to get it installed and i also called when we got home, they said they will cal back tomorrow!
otherwise s/s said we would have had handover by the end of the week. A real shame.

I keep you guys posted with what the outcome is and spread the news when we find out...........fingers crossed.

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