Sunday, 21 October 2012

We are finally in our home...............

Well after months of driving up to the house walking thru, looking thru windows to see whats been done, we finally got our keys last thursday, what a great feeling to be greated by our s/s and getting a text message asking us where we are!

Tonight im sitting at that kitchen bench having some time out from unpacking and thought i would share our experence's.

I have to say walking up too the house your emotions are running high and i think a tear in the eye is just the normal, you feel like all the pressure is gone.

The feeling of standing in your new kitchen is amazing, going thru all that  needeed to be completed, and what still has to be done.

We excepted handover after signing a few things that need to be completed, headed off to the PD office to pay the final installement, and pick up our keys. The best part was our orginal B/C was there to handover the keys, we were just so thrilled for her being there, i nearly jumped the counter!

Sitting there i was looking around and thinking this is where we started out about a year ago and the funny thing is seeing others waiting for their tender appionments!

Anyway drove back to the house and the tradies were installing the appliances, the rest of the day was just a blur!

This being my last blog for quite a while we would like to thank a few people.

To a person who's blog (porter davis waldorf) was amazing to us by the name ynot.

To our first B/C she was great for her patience and understanding our needs and got us what we wanted in our home.

To our S/S just fantastic, what a great guy and he's workmanship was just great.

The negatives:

Our B/C was just non existant, it was a real shame that we had to deal with someone that never returned calls, was always out of the office when you called or on the phone, or that weekly call that came three weeks in a row then not again for ages, you give up waiting!. Thats is something PD should really look at, cause it lets the company down.

The area manager that put so much pressure on us at the very first meeting to sign up,and told us if you cant afford to sign up now, we should not even be looking! we just walked away and got a apology a weel later from sales consulant. WELL now we are in our porter davis home.

There was no Waldorf 44 display  home with a sterling facade or any other facade, and with the $3999.00 promo offer with hebel build, so people like us that had no idea about hebel could see what it was all about. Thankgod for the internet!



  1. Congatulations. Once you have all settled in would love to see the after photos. We need to wait approx 4 months until we are in your position. I am so excited for you.

  2. Congrats guys,
    I hope you enjoy your beautiful house. The Waldorf is wonderful and spacious and I hope that the house will fill your family with happiness. Now let the fun commence, unpacking, decorating and landscaping will be the dominant parts of your life and wallets for a while.

    I’m glad that my blog helped you through the building journey. I wish I could have the blog available to the public but I also don’t want it to evade our privacy.

    What are your landscaping plans? My plans are still going and I sound be finished soon.


  3. Congratulations! I have to admit to being a teeny bit (OK, a lot) jealous! I hope you're enjoying your new house :)